Commercial Finance & Leasing has developed an excellent understanding of the needs of individuals and small to large business owners.

Flexibility - Commercial Finance & Leasing prides itself on a flexible attitude to customers needs.  Dependent on the overall circumstances of a customer's loan application flexibility. 

Experienced -  Our staff are trained to consider all aspects of a loan application. We consider the traditional ā€œFour Cā€™s of Creditā€ when assessing loan applications.  

We look at the experience of our customers in their industry, we take into account whether that are property owners

We check repayment history with other finance companies

We assess the value of the assets we finance using professional input, we are willing to take unencumbered assets as additional security

We assess an applicant's capacity to pay through a thorough examination of financial reports

Personal - As a result of our approach to thoroughly checking loan applications we are able to get to know our customers and their needs from the outset.  Our staff are very well known to our group of finance brokers who look to professionally assess every application they present for their customers.

Industry Knowledge - Our staff have wide experience in the finance industry.  We have well established and reliable access to professional input that can assist our customers in specific financing needs.